Sand, Sand Everywhere..

screenshot_20140213-23-36-50Wow. Some people have created some truly amazing things in EverQuest Next Landmark so far. Me? I still have an empty plot of land with a few craft machines tossed about. Last night I decided it was time to create the line and paint tools, things I have been saving up to craft for some time. I didn’t want to collect the Elemental Cobalt required for the next tier forge, so I borrowed one from a neighbour and happily made my tools. Afterward I had enough supplies to create a cobalt pick – which of course ended up being slow even with my crafting bracelets on. That’s just the sort of luck I have.

Next will be to watch a few tutorials and try to understand how these new tools work. That, and collect a lot of sand and dirt. I turned most of mine into bags of gems and ore last night, then realized that I wanted to build with these supplies and I should have kept them on hand (and then paint them in a different material later on). Thankfully those supplies are abundant and I shouldn’t have too much issues finding more. Especially since I live smack dab in a giant desert.

The game is slowly getting updates now that some of the major bugs have been squashed (bugs like being unable to build on your claim, voxels vanishing, trees and boulders growing on claims that couldn’t be removed). There has been talk of the combat system, and new materials have been added as of yesterdays update. I’m still not spending a great deal of time in-game because I know it is alpha and thus it will be wiped and then there’s beta where it will also be wiped, but I am enjoying myself quite a bit and I’ve been narrowing down what I would like to eventually build. Whether I’ll manage to pull it off or not has yet to be seen.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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