Pet Battles, Crafting, and Leveling – Oh My!


The collection grows. I’m now up to 321 unique pets in my world of warcraft collection. I’ve slowly been working through the overland zones hunting down the ones I’m missing. I managed to get my terrible turnip to 25 which means I don’t have to worry about accidently one shotting lower level pets that I’m trying to capture (he has an attack that basically wounds but doesn’t kill) which is always a big fear of mine.

I’ve gone back to working on some factions – The Anglers and Nate. I want his hat. I also managed to get my warlock to level 90 (finally) making her the fourth. My horde deathknight hit level 72, and I did more thinking about which character I want to level to 90 when pre-orders go live for the next expansion. I am thinking a hunter, but I’d really prefer two characters (one horde, one alliance) so if they open up the ability to pay for a level 90 character I’ll probably take advantage of it. I know, many people are of the opinion that paying for a level 90 is a horrible idea but I’ve already done the leveling game so many times now, and what I enjoy is not having to worry about whether or not I am level 90 in order to play the aspects of the game that I enjoy. No matter how ‘easy’ leveling is, 90 is a large number and can be daunting, especially if you already have multiple characters already there. Playing through the same content (or even playing through different content in the hopes of leveling) can be tedious.

I’ve also been spending some time working on my crafting, trying to earn money (though I ended up spending quite a bit on the warlock, she needed to be able to fly in Pandaria zones) – alts are expensive! I did get her most of the 496 gear she needs but she’s missing a trinket, a weapon, a second ring, those types of things. I do still have an 85 druid that I would love to get to 90, but I’m not sure if I want to play the leveling game once again so soon. I’m sure I’ll make a go at it sooner or later.

There’s still so much for me to do in game. I find it surprising and fantastic. Normally I would have stopped playing by now, having run out of content. I think I’ve finally found a great balance of games to play and things to do at a pace that keeps me interested.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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