February 19, 2014 by Rolf

Since we do not know how, when or under which circumstances our current hosting company want to bring our servers back online we are working on retrieving the data from those servers and put on the new planned hosting. We have the new hosting prepared but it will take a while to set it up.

The game will not be back online within the next 8 hours but we’ll do our best to keep going until they are. We’ll know more at around 20.00 hrs CET today.

I can’t even imagine what the WurmOnline team must be going through with this. Their servers were taken offline by their host due to a DDOS attack yesterday, and it sounds like the greatest issues are not actually with that attack but with their hosts reaction to the attack (which they’re entitled to, but it still isn’t much fun). The host is responsible for not only WurmOnline but other contracts which were also brought down with the DDOS, which is why this has escalated.

The worst part of this is that they pushed 1.2 live yesterday and it is an amazing update. I had a chance to play it for a while until the DDOS attack and it is one of the best updates the game has ever had. It’s a game changing patch that I think a lot of players are really going to love and it will help to bring in more players, too. It is just a shame that some cruel person had to go and ruin that for everyone else.

Hopefully things get back up and running soon.

2 Responses to WurmOffline

  1. stargrace says:

    Still down for now, they’re hoping it will be up today but right now that is in the hands of the new German server host so we’re still waiting to see. :)

  2. JJ Robinson says:

    Any update on how Wurm is going? I’m a potential new player who is definitely intrigued.

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