wurm.20140222.0846One of my favorite things to do in Wurm Online involves pillaging. Now, this comes with ups and downs. First, you can’t just go taking whatever you would like. There are rules. The game gives players every opportunity to secure their belongings, and I firmly believe that it is the players job to secure these belongings. If you don’t, and your stuff happens to go missing, you have no one to blame but yourself. If the belongings were secured within the rules of the game and still taken, then it is the fault of those who took the items. Please understand that I in no way advocate breaking game rules.

In my wanderings I happen to stumble across lots of unsecured items. Last night it was 700+ bricks and rock shards, along with tools, 78ql ore, and other odds and ends. All of it sitting in a mine, unsecured. If you’re mining 78ql ore you are more than familiar with the game rules – that skill doesn’t come easily. Leaving your stuff unsecured is a bad idea.

I also came across a rare saw, a rare 2h sword, and a few other odds and ends in a different mine. No door on the mine (even if there was a door that does not mean it’s secured) no deed, no locks. To secure your stuff it has to be a legal enclosure. A fence with a house visible (a completed house at that). Put locks on things to discourage others and don’t just leave things laying around undeeded if you’re interested in keeping them. When things go missing it sucks, trust me I know. In my earlier days I lost a whole pen of horses from someone bashing down a wall on my perimeter. There was nothing I could do except learn from my mistakes.

Why bother taking things that don’t belong to you? You certainly don’t have to but it is a part of gameplay. If you don’t take advantage of what you find out in the wild, chance are someone else will. People stop playing all the time, deeds fall, and items decay into nothingness. I’ve been called some pretty harsh names because of my pillaging but I’m always certain to never break the rules of the game, and I’m cautious with my looting. I won’t loot anything if someone is standing there working on the stuff because obviously they’re setting up still and that’s not fair. I try to find locations I know are guaranteed abandoned by checking activity and decay. I don’t bash fences even if they are illegal enclosures because it just doesn’t feel right – even though it is well within the rules of the game.

I’m pleased with what I’ve found so far. None of it is earth shattering rare, usually just raw materials and storage bins, but it does help me out as they’re supplies I can use at my own deed. Just keep in mind that the saying “deed it or lose it” is not just an empty phrase.

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