Most Useful Wurm Online Program Ever? Wurm Assistant

UntitledI wrote a blog post some time ago about Wurm Assistant, one of the out-of-game programs I use while playing Wurm Online. The program has undergone some amazing changes since then and I figured it was time to talk about it again. I still use (and test) this program on a daily basis, and I can not recommend it enough to long term Wurm Online players.

As you can tell by the image above, there’s a new format for timers. You can center click that window and have it always be on top of your Wurm window. You can set each character individually, with their own timers and have popups or sounds per timer. It’s amazing. As you can see I’m currently playing three characters in Wurm. Two are priests. They all meditate. I have timers that tell me when their path question is up, when to turn their sleep bonus off (after the 5 minute timer), when enchant grass is ready, as well as refresh.

This just touches on the very basics of the program. I also use the granger ability to keep three herds organized. The UI for that has changed some what, but it’s still an amazing feature. Then there is the sounds feature. You can attach sounds to specific actions. So lets say you’re leading a horse along and suddenly you realize you’re not leading it any more. How about a warning that tells you when you stop leading? You can easily create this by inputting the text from the event window when you stop leading, and attaching a sound to it. I have a few such sound events. One for when a wall breaks while mining, another for when the ground in front of my character is too full of items, or when my inventory is too full of items. Playing 3 characters at once means I am not always watching the event window, sometimes I’m clicking the create button on the new crafting UI as I talk to friends in alliance, only to find out that I’ve wasted the clicks because my inventory is full. These warnings prevent all of that.

A huge thank you to Aldur who created this program and continues to maintain it. Programs like these are essential to games like Wurm (think Evemon, or UI mods) and this one is certainly one of the best.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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