Never Too Many Deeds

wurm.20140301.1924You can never own too many deeds, or at least that is what my motto has been in Wurm Online. A few weeks ago I put in a bid for a deed that had a wonderful number of slate and marble ore located on deed. I was outbid, twice, and decided instead of getting into a bid-war with the player, I would just let them have it.

Turns out the person bidding against me didn’t actually want the deed at all, they were just bidding me up. So the person selling contacted me and asked me if I was still interested, which I was.

The deed is located on Release, which is just south of my current deed. I spent the first few days moving items and collecting bulk storage bins from all of the houses on-deed, and the next few days trying to secure the place. For some reason the previous owners decided to build on the perimeter of the place, which isn’t secure. Things decay there and I was not in the mood to have to repair such a large deed so frequently. The place is 65 x 41 which makes it my largest deed yet. The monthly cost is a bit over 6 silver, I am keeping a templar to handle the mines.

I created a wagon as well as a few large crates and over this weekend plan on loading up a corbita to take back to Pristine. In the meantime I created a free to play alt who can look after the basic maintenance (horses mostly) and handle the things that don’t require being premium. I’ve also been working up my Vynora and Fo priests. The Vynora is at almost 40 faith, I’m trying to get to 51 which I’m pretty excited about. Plus check out the view in the screenshot, it’s pretty awesome.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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