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I took Blesse back to Release to work on her latest deed, Bitgum, for a bit. The deed has four mines, one of them being large but there’s still a lot of room for progress. One of the mines is located in the animal pen area, and has copper. Only four tiles had been mined, so I completed a door and then proceeded to expand the cavern. I’m hoping to find more copper there. Ores tend to be regional, so there’s a good chance I’ll find another one or two.

The deed is pretty much ‘done’ but I do want to add a few more buildings to round it out, and complete the dock area. I want to revamp the stables with new gates, and add an area for farming. There is some basic clean up that needs to be done (involves me cutting a lot of trees) and some general tidying up, but the place is looking pretty good. Now that I’ve removed everything that was on the perimeter I’m slowly letting it decay. I could spend time removing it all by hand, but I’d rather just let nature take its course, and keep my tools in good condition (bashing tends to take a lot out of them).

Sadly some neighbours to my West decided to tear up the highway that I used to get to the sea, which is a shame. I’ll have to find a new rout if I want to load up a wagon with ore to bring over to Pristine. It’s just one of those things that happens, and they have GM permission so there is nothing that can be done about it. Bitgum is on the edge of a lake that doesn’t end up at the sea, so traveling over land is my only way of transferring goods.

On the home front, my Vynora priest is back at work on Pristine. I’ve been working up her hot food cooking, praying, working on channeling, and doing other priest related things. I’ll be putting in a small tree farm with that character later on today. The Fo is living with a friend, taking care of animals and doing other “Fo” things. We managed to link up and get a few casts of Lifetransfer done, nothing especially high but since the spell requires linking (120 faith) it is better than nothing at all.

There were some great changes in a patch today that reduce the cast time between spells:

  • Spell cooldowns were removed from Rotten Touch, Bloodthirst, Aura of shared pain, Web armour, Blessings of the Dark, Circle of cunning, Lurker in the deep, Lurker in the dark, Lurker in the woods, Fungus.
  • Casting timer was reduced to 30 seconds for the spells Libila’s demise, Animal’s demise, Selfhealer’s demise, Dragon’s demise, Fo’s demise, Magranon’s demise, Human’s demise, Fo’s touch, Vynora’s hand, Magranon’s shield, Libila’s shielding, Dark Messenger, Courier

These are important changes. The timer between the first group used to be 5 minutes. The timer for casting Courier used to be 2 minutes. I never saw the use for having such long timers, and I think the changes are welcomed.

Hopefully I find more copper today. We’ll just have to see! As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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