New Deeds, New Excitement

deedLast week I decided that Bitgum was too far away from my main deed to maintain both. Especially since Bitgum deed upkeep was over 6 silver a month but I only visited the place 2x a month give or take. I made the decision to close Bitgum down and disband it. I packed everything I owned into a wagon, loaded it into a corbita, and decided to set down a second deed on the Pristine server, not too far away from some alliance members, and on the mainland.

The new place is called Carrara, and it’s filled with marble. Above is a map of the current mine system. The bright pink are areas that I have yet to mine, the grey represents marble nodes, the black iron. There are also a few silver and zinc nodes thrown in. As you can tell by the map, there is a lot of marble uncovered (18 so far). Ore is regional, but it still seems like quite a bit to me. A fair amount of iron makes the place the perfect mining operations, and the land had already been worked quite a bit as a deed must have decayed there at one time or another. There was some enchanted grass, 5 forges, a few ovens (I bashed those since I don’t need them), and a handful of coffins for storage. I built a brand new smithy as well as a wooden cottage, and began a guard tower. The deed rests right on the edge of the desert which is typically teaming with creatures but at the moment it’s pretty quiet due to a bug. While it does rest on the edge of the desert, the deed itself is covered with lush trees, and is up against a mountain with a pretty nice view. There were plenty of lamps already placed, so the location is already well lit without me having to do any extra work. All in all I’m quite pleased with the spot, even though I have my priests over at my main deed still. Since there’s not much to do at that main deed I enjoy having a second project.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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