Holding off on ESO – For Now


A lot of my friends have been diving into Elder Scrolls Online (screenshot above is Pete’s character, he blogs over at Dragonchasers). Normally, I would dive in too, and each time I see a post or a tweet or a mention on google plus I’m tempted – but I know I just don’t have the time. I especially don’t have the time to justify a $15/m subscription. That doesn’t mean I’m immune to the fun that everyone else is having. I (of course) want to be a part of it. I love that new game smell.

Sometimes being a grownup sucks.

The expression on the character above is priceless. I would love to play ESO just for the crafting and exploring.

3 Responses to Holding off on ESO – For Now

  1. pkudude99 says:

    Well I know I’m enjoying it a lot. I’ve even gone up to a post a day over at Nomadic Gamers for now. . . .

  2. Stogrim says:

    I’m holding off for other reasons. I’m definitely an MMO tourist and for some reason I have chosen TESO as my attempt to break that tourist habit. My plan is to see where the game is at after 3-4 months, instead of pre-ordering it and trying it now. Not sure why I chose TESO for this experiment, since I do like the Elder Scrolls IP and have played all of the games.

  3. Arbitrary says:

    You & me both. This is pretty much exactly how I feel about it.

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