Gaming for Comfort

comfortzLast night was the first night in a week or so that I was able to sit down and get some gaming time in. I recently moved across the country, and my PC arrives today (yay) so I spent some time playing World of Warcraft on my laptop. Not exactly the same experience as my dual monitor PC, but hey it was better than nothing.

I’m a huge advocate of gaming for comfort, so long as you’re not neglecting your real life obligations. I don’t personally believe that there is anything wrong with diving into another world for some time to escape real life. Again, this comes with the notion that you’re not neglecting something in real life (friends, family, jobs, eating, etc). Being able to game (whether it is on my PC or my laptop) means I have the ability to dive into a familiar world when my actual world is upside down. This has been very important in helping me get comfortable in my new surroundings, and keeping me from tears (though there are still tears, don’t get me wrong).

I’m looking forward to getting some more time in WoW and Wurm this week, and so long as my real life obligations are not suffering, I’m not going to begrudge myself this time that I spend in-game.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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  1. Nial says:

    Is everything ok? I hope you’re just busy with work, and there is not a problem. Just checking in on you.

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