Finding a new Schedule

WoWScrnShot_042014_190010I know, I haven’t written since the 14th of April which is pretty much unheard of for me. Thank you very much those who expressed concern at my absence. I’m trying to get used to a whole lot of new things all at once and adjusting to a new schedule has been harder than I had thought it would be. Plus my PC was shipped across the country three times and when I finally got it this week I discovered that my video card didn’t make the trip. A new one was ordered and I’m expecting it to arrive either today or Monday. In the meantime that means I still only have my laptop for gaming, and while (as I have already mentioned) it does handle games pretty well, it doesn’t compensate for having a PC.

Things in World of Warcraft have been going well, when I can find some time to play. Yesterday I decided to queue for a few raids in order to finish off the 3k valor I needed for my cloak quest. It just so happened that healers were one of the required classes for an extra goodie bag, and inside mine was a white polar bear mount. That’s the first time I’ve ever gotten anything useful from one of those goodie bags, and I was quite pleased. I did manage to finish off the valor required, and defeated the named I needed – next is PVP which I am really not looking forward to. Alliance has a horrible time with PVP (my personal experience here) and a friend was telling me it took him 16 attempts before he managed to get his updates. Ouch. I was hoping to have my PC set up for the PVP attempts, but if I don’t have it by this weekend I may just do it on the laptop anyway. We’ll see how that goes. I believe after the PVP components comes the 40 trillium and some raid drops. I’m getting closer to completing the cloak, which really pleases me. Then I’ll have to do it all again on my hunter (my 2nd main, the first one being my priest).

WoW has been a great distraction and a wonderful way for me to lose myself for an hour here and there when the weight of the world becomes too much. In the past I would have gotten mad at myself for using games as a temporary escape, but these days I can see the value in it so long as I’m not using it as a permanent way to escape from my problems. With so much turmoil and change in my life, gaming has remained the one constant, and I appreciate that so much. It has done wonders in helping me to keep my sanity.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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