It’s Fixed! It’s Finally Fixed!


One of the downsides to moving across the country was that I had to ship my PC, and lets just say that it didn’t handle the move too well. What I thought at first was a video card issue, turned out to be a power supply issue. Of course by then I had already purchased a new video card that was better than my old one, so why not keep it. I ended up getting the MSI R9 270 Gaming 2GB 26-Bit GDDR5 HDCP ready CrossFireX Support Video Card and then a brand new 850 watt power supply (replacing my broken 750). Unfortunately because of a bad crash (due to that power supply issue) I had to reinstall windows, and I lost everything on my main hard drive. On the plus side, I kept backups of all my photography and important documents, so the only thing I “lost” was video games and other odds and ends like skype, irfanview, etc. After a lot of downloading and installing, things are FINALLY running again.

Oh man do they run.

I did not bring my two monitors with me, so I had to purchase two new ones. My old ones were 22″ and the new are 24″ acer monitors, two of the exact same ones which is nice since my old ones were different brands and the colours between the two were different and bugged me. I also picked up a new keyboard, which is the exact same as my old one a G510s.

Two new monitors, a new keyboard, a new power supply, and a new video card later, as well as a month gone by (I haven’t had my PC since April 7th) and things are FINALLY working properly. My PC has been my “comfort” for years now, it is a way I connect to the rest of the world, a way for me to relax and zone out, and not having it around while I undertook a gigantic cross-country move was incredibly difficult for me.

It is nice to be back in game.

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