Holding me Back from my Legendary


The ONE thing holding me back from getting my legendary cloak is the fact that there are two PVP components to the quest. You need to win a single fight in two 10vs10 PVP arenas. The first one was pretty easy. There are four orbs, you capture an orb and hold onto it. Hang out in the middle of the zone and your team earns more points. While being blasted of course because you’re carrying an orb. This arena only took two tries before my alliance side got a win.

The second arena is more complex. You’re in a mine, and three carts spawn and travel along rails. Hang out in a giant circle around the cart and it will be “claimed” for your side. The object is to walk alongside the cart while it moves towards its destination, and keep the cart on your side. Of course the opposing faction will come along and kill you and claim the cart for their side. As the carts reach their destination you earn points, as well as earning points for kills. Alliance has come close a couple of times but I have yet to win a single match. I have played through approximately 10 matches so far. I know these two arena matches are filled with others trying to get their cloaks too, but I sure would like a win so that I can move on from this step. I’m not fond of a PVE quest requiring PVP components, and vice versa. Some players just don’t like PVP. Now, I am not one of those people, I actually DO enjoy PVP quite a bit, but I dislike being forced into a specific battle, especially since if you queue for specifics you miss out on a lot of rewards.

I am hoping I have some luck today after work and I finally get my win. After this it is back to collecting trillium and raid drops. I think it would be fantastic to get my cloak before the next expansion comes out – although with the way PVP is going lately, I won’t hold my breath.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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