That’s a Hardcore Mount

UntitledI divided time between WoW and ArcheAge yesterday, with plans of playing WildStar but no real interest while it’s still in beta. For some reason I want to learn all I can about ArcheAge, but I would rather wait for release for WildStar (perhaps because it’s coming up fairly soon where as ArcheAge remains a mystery).

My character made it to level 10, and was introduced to the mount system. Along the way I also discovered some other neat systems.

Take quests for example. You have the option to over achieve on quests if you want, and you will be rewarded extra experience. On that same note, if you’re in a rush and don’t feel like completing a quest, you can under achieve. Don’t meet all of the goals and you can still turn the quest in but you’ll receive less experience – though you will still get the reward. This is a great feature that I’ve never really seen before (though WildStar does have bonus objectives to their quests).

Mounts in ArcheAge are living creatures. They gain experience. They can die. You can get gear for them, name them, feed them, and when obtaining one you need to take care of it. In fact I got the notification above on my first mount – if I didn’t take care of my mount within 60 minutes after release, it might die.

Really? My MOUNT could DIE?! That thought just boggled my mind. Talk about hardcore.

So I took my little baby mount, and a seed, and spread them both out on a bit of lawn. Then I waited. I danced with the little critter, played with it, gave it water, groomed it, and all other manor of love. Eventually the little guy grew into a fantastic beast that I can ride around on – or who follows me around, depending on my mood.

Enjoying the game so far? Yes, yes I am.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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