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2014-05-08_00008With my PC up and running, I was eager to get into gaming again. I was sad that I had to start over with the sims 3, but I was even more sad that I had to start over with Banished because I had a town that was finally doing well. I made it to year 10 or so and no one was dying from the plague (yet).

So I started a new town. This one has sheep (neat). My previous towns only had chickens or cows, I didn’t even know sheep were an option. I started out by building a giant pen for the sheep, and then a farm for potatoes. A mine was constructed in the mountains, a gatherer’s hut, along with some hunting shacks. Next came a school and hospital. My town is pretty far away from water, so I don’t think I will build any fishing yet until it grows and I have houses out that way.

Still, it was fun to see the village expand. I know others are still put off by the fact that the game is quite easy to “win” but I think that depends on your definition of winning. For me the fun comes from building and expanding. Even if nothing “new” ever happens, I can play for hours. Plus I don’t have all of the buildings up yet, that will come with time.

The game is very relaxing and perfect to play on my days off. I’m really glad to be getting back to normal in my daily routine and that includes playing games, of course.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

P.S. I have far too many games on my plate these days, and it’s fantastic. I’m playing WildStar, ArcheAge, and Landmark, and that doesn’t even include the single player Steam games I have been playing.

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