Lets Open a Bakery

Screenshot-19The Sims 3 is still one of my favourite games, and I am incredibly excited about Sims 4 releasing this year (hopefully). I was browsing through their online store yesterday and happened to notice a new special venue for sale, a bakery. It came with a building, some special ovens, and the ability to set up a bakery from your home, or to purchase the bakery property in town and set up shop there. There are a few issues if you try to set up your home as a bakery, like the fact that no one will come to the shop unless you’re having a party, or you mod it a bit to allow visitors on the property. I haven’t been playing with mods yet since I reinstalled, so for now I just have it available when I throw parties. A little extra money is always nice.

I did also hire a cashier just to test it out which was pretty neat.

So how is my legacy sim doing? Well. She hasn’t found a husband yet which is sad because the whole point of a legacy family is to grow through 10 generations. So far she has a cat, a dog, used to own a bird (I sold it to afford the new bakery) and is quite happy surrounding herself with animals. They’re better than people, that’s what her thoughts on that matter are! Her kitten, Sugar, is about to turn into an adult, and she adopted Tiffany, an adult collie. For now she still works at the fortune teller’s wagon in town, but I hope to move that business to the home eventually, where she can run her fortune telling business AND a bakery. I have plans of purchasing the bakery building one day, and running it as a family business but those dreams are far into the future.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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