Lets Go for a Ride


Yesterday in ArcheAge I decided to just work through some quest chains and adventure a bit. I haven’t figured out how crafting works exactly yet, or how to set up my very own little farm or house, but since this is alpha, I’m not too concerned. Everything I do right now is going to get wiped, so I’m using this as a learning experience.

I ended up questing to this little mining hub, and noticed there were mine carts travelling the rails. Technically I could have  walked up those rails to reach the top (aside from the very last one, the incline was too much) but it was way more fun to hop into the carts and travel the rails while riding my mount. The quests are still very much themepark-esc, go here, kill this, return it, interact with some cogs and report back, but there’s a lot of ‘stuff’ to do that lets me branch off a bit when I feel like exploring.

I turned chat channels back on last night to see if I could pick up any useful information from the players, and immediately regretted it and turned it back off. Normally I enjoy listening to the chit chat of players in new games because no matter how ‘bad’ the chat gets, there are little nuggets of wisdom tucked away.

For others who are playing ArcheAge, a few friends have also set up a public “Tips & Tricks” page on Anook. If you have any tips & tricks that you would like to share with everyone please don’t hesitate to head over and post!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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