A Graveyard of Dead People


I started up (yet another) new village in Banished, and am now on year 15 or so. I finally had my first disaster, a wooden house caught on fire. The only well in the village was up North quite a ways, so I had some fear that the fire would spread, but since it was winter I had extra labourers (I remove the farmers from working in the winter since fields are stagnant) and they managed to put the fire out with only the one home falling apart. Of course that meant the family living there had no home, so I got to work repairing it.

I’m currently working on expanding the town up north, which is where the only stream and body of water is located. I wanted a place to fish, so right now there’s a big long road, an area with docks, a single home where the fishermen live, and a storage shed close by so labourers don’t have to travel too far with their goods. Eventually I’ll start building up that road with new homes and create a trade rout, but for now I have been focusing on survival.

I know the main ‘jist’ of the game is survival, seeing how long your little village can manage, but once you have ‘beaten’ that aspect of the game (pretty easy to do on my settings) the ‘game’ at least for me, becomes expanding and watching your little town thrive much like a sims game. That’s the point I’m at now, though the town is still quite tiny. I think I have 35 total adults, a handful of students and some children. The older generation has been dying off (the NPC you start with) and thankfully I had more than enough new labourers to cover their jobs.

I love Banished, and have ever since I started playing it. For such a well priced game ($20) I have really gotten my moneys worth out of it.

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