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One of the best parts of Wurm Online is that they bring up new servers every so often. The latest server was Xanadu, which has a few unique features that other servers don’t have. First of all, it’s gigantic. It’s the largest server currently available. That means there’s LOADS of room for you and all of your neighbours without stepping on one another. Of course that doesn’t stop the shoreline from being completely pillaged by landgrabbers, but still, lots of room.

You also don’t need a settlement form in order to place a deed on this server. Instead you can create a deed stake with a carving knife and a shaft. You do still need the silver in the bank to place a deed, so it’s just like purchasing the form without having to run to a trader.

Of course I wanted to check out this glorious new server, so I decided to re-premium my “old” main, Stargrace, who I have not played in quite some time. It felt good to be using the character again. She has been neglected ever since I decided to play on Pristine. Speaking of which, with Xanadu, the servers of Pristine and Release finally get connected to the rest of freedom. Granted they are on the far side of Xanadu so it’s quite a sail, but the option is there.

My new deed is 31 x 23 which is quite a lot of room for me, and I’m excited about it. I haven’t decided yet what I’m doing with the space, but I did open a mine (utmost iron, yay) and start a ramp that leads from the water up to the top of my property which is on a moderate hill. It’s surrounded by mountains, and two alliance members also made the move, so there’s a lot going on. New servers are always great for bringing in new blood.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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