The Little Chua who Could


The saying “when you work on games you never have time to play any games” is certainly true in my case. My little Chua (named her Chobits) is level 10, finally. I was having one heck of a time clearing out Stormseeker Village because of a bugged quest. It was the one where you need to play with some disciples of water. Clicking the quest item didn’t actually show anything on my screen, and I had no idea what I should be interacting with. I spent a few hours running around pressing T and trying to get things to work and interact with nothing happening.

I eventually reloaded my UI, and ta-da, when you click that T, a lightning ball shows up, and THAT is what you’re supposed to be interacting with. Go figure! Once I could see that little ball of fun I managed to complete the quest (finally) and move on.

Because I’m still only level 10, I don’t own a house. This makes me sad! I look at everyone else and their amazing creations and I can’t help but want to create something too. My boom box rewards have all been housing so far, minus this morning that rewarded me with an elder gem. I also haven’t gotten into crafting yet, though I may hold off on that until I earn some more coin. I’m just over 2 gold at level 10, and I know things get expensive. I’m also going to hold off on buying a mount until I can use my free hoverboard. I don’t mind walking around.

For me, WildStar is unlike other games I play. It requires me to pay attention every little second, so it’s an intense game. I can’t slack off or I’m going to step in a telegraph and die. This isn’t a bad thing by any means, it’s just different.

So far one of my favourite things has been chasing a lopp around for my path quest. I had to follow them all over at high speed, I am pretty sure my eyeballs didn’t blink the entire time.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. Chris says:

    Yeah…I need a quest fixed…can you take care of that? XD

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