Steam Sales and New Games

2014-06-29_00004I haven’t had a reason to purchase very many steam games lately, I just haven’t had the time to play. That changed slightly with this past sale though. One of the best gifts I got was “You need a Budget 4” – the flash sale marked this app down to $15, a huge deal considering regular price is $60. I had already used the 7 day trial and knew that this app is wonderful for keeping on track with budgeting. In school I never really learned how to budget, or what money should be going towards. While I’m lucky enough to have a fantastic job that may not always be the case and I want to be prepared for whatever life tosses my way. Because I’m such a fan of lists and charts and graphs, this app is perfect for me. Teaches me to assign every dollar a purpose, and then helps me keep on track, with some room for changes so I don’t feel restrictive. Highly recommended.

The next game I got was Edge of Space, which is a lot like terraria, but in space. I found the font a bit difficult on the eyes, and the tutorial was more confusing than it needed to be, but the game is still in development, so there’s room for them to improve. It’s also a lot more difficult than terraria, or so I found.

Of course a steam sale wouldn’t be complete without goat simulator, which was also gifted to me. This game looked hilarious but I’ll be honest, I had absolutely no intentions of purchasing it (or even adding it to my wishlist). I noticed that a lot of my friends had picked up the game (for reasons I couldn’t fathom) and bam, there it was in my inventory.

Finally, the talk of the town lately, Divinity: Original Sin. An RPG that has solo and multiplayer hosted on steam servers, I was incredibly surprised by how much FUN this game has been so far. The story is great, and while playing with a friend I had a blast doing rock / paper / scissor fights in order to see which way an argument would sway. The game also comes with an RPG toolkit, so if you would rather create adventures instead of play through them, have at it.

Did you pick up any games this steam sale? Let me know in comments below!

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