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EA was kind enough to send me an invite to try out the Create a Sim Demo for The Sims 4. I was incredibly excited. Not only have I been following the game since it was announced, but I have been a huge sims 3 fan for years (and years). I ended up streaming it on my twitch channel, but for some reason my microphone was on mute or not working, so even though I spent a glorious 30 minutes squealing and chattering about everything, you’ll have to be content with the game music.

Stream located here

Right now you’re only able to create young adults (male and female), and while I DID enjoy creating sims, I REALLY wanted to play the game.

Anyway. There’s no real tutorial in the demo, but that didn’t stop me from exploring. Everything is very intuitive and easy to figure out but I did have a few issues with a lack of options. Men get fewer options than females, at least in the demo. I didn’t particularly care for many of the items that were options for either sex (clothing, shoes, accessories), but I did really like the enormous possibilities in character creation as far as body / hair / eyes go. I also found attributes were severely lacking but because this is just a demo, I don’t expect to find everything there.

Having 7 different styles of walk is neat, but I’m sad that it came at an expense (losing toddlers and pools for now at least).

You can adjust everything. I mean, everything. Just click on a body part and you can zoom in and drag any body part any which way. There are also some traditional sliders if that is more your thing. Once you have created a family you’re able to upload it into their gigantic database, complete with hashtags. There are categories for different types of sims, like celebrities, and you can go through and import other sims from the gallery or add yours to the collection.

I found the demo fun, but again it just made me want to play the game, and I lamented over the fact that if you’re coming from a game like Sims 3 where there have been numerous expansions and ‘stuff’ packs, you may find the options available slightly lacking. You may want to wait a few months for the game to get a little more robust (and perhaps go on sale) before investing, and keep playing Sims 3 in the mean time.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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