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screen_natalieI know it’s hard to believe, but some times I just don’t feel like playing an MMO. There are a handful of games that I absolutely love to indulge in, and my latest is a game called Flower Shop: Winter in Fairbrook. It’s a dating / farming simulation game – I know, I know. Laugh away. These visual novels (also known as otome) don’t typically include a lot of actual game play, but a well done one is fantastic and can keep me entertained for hours.

The one I was playing before this was Magical Diary (also on steam), which is where I first discovered that I really enjoy these types of games.

Is there a game that is a bit off of the beaten path that you enjoy playing? I have a small handful of friends who also enjoy these types of games, but it’s not exactly a popular genre in my circles which can make finding these gems difficult. Have you ever tried a genre that you had never heard of before and then found yourself completely enthralled with it? Let me know below in comments!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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  1. Ranni says:

    Hmm, I don’t know much about these types of games but after reading here and on Steam about this one and Magical Diary I can see where my daughter-in-law would LOVE them. Would make neat Christmas gifts. :)

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