8th Annual Festival of Unity – Antonia Bayle


I am excited. One of my favourite things in EverQuest 2 has always been player driven events. At the end of August, one of the largest is taking place, the Festival of Unity. This will be the 8th year in a row that the festival has run, and it is because of dedicated players that this event is able to happen each year. I have been writing about the festival here on MmoQuests for years now, and last year posted a video of the opening ceremonies. It’s a fantastic time to just wander the crowds and take in all of the excitement. If you’re any sort of roleplayer you’ll feel right at home – and even if you’re not, but have been interested in what it is all about, there is no better time.

The festival runs August 24th until August 30th.

While I was looking through my old posts about the festival, I came across one that discussed one of my first raids with my mystic. Right now she’s a defiler, and her name is Stargrace not Misako, but I betrayed a few times and renamed when I moved servers (also a few times). It brought back such a rush of memories. It was the year I first met “Kilanna” – a woman from Australia who has been an amazing friend of mine these past 7 years. I’m still friends with Lader who I mention in the post, too. It just got me thinking.

Video games are pretty amazing things, no?

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  1. Kilanna is still around? I haven’t heard a peep from her in years. She used to drop by my blog and comment regularly, though that was back when I was playing EQII, so there might be a connection there. I even ran into her on the Guk server at one point years back. Tell her I said “Hi!” and that I remember her and her now dormant blog, Dwarven Runes.

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