Getting Over a Fear of Pugs

EQ2_000005I have always found it difficult to group with people I don’t know. Even though I don’t consider myself to be a bad player (I know not to stand in crap, I can play my characters fairly well, etc) there’s always that fear that comes when you’re entering a group of strangers. Especially if you have taken a break from the game for a little while. What if the entire group is a failure, and it’s completely your fault. What if you remind them of their dead cat and they can’t even talk to you without freezing up. There are so many little nagging irrational fears that come up.

That being said, in some games it’s impossible to progress anywhere without a group. Sure you can play solo, you can decorate homes and craft, but progression of your character can only go so far all by yourself. So, that’s why I have been spending some time in the LFG channel. Playing my swashbuckler, getting her some upgrades, passing down old upgrades to my alts (oh goodness, I have so many alts these days) and that sort of thing.

It has gone pretty well, I haven’t been in any spectacularly bad groups, and while we didn’t defeat everything with ease (there are some fights that are still difficult) they didn’t justify my fears in any way. The more I think about it, the  more I feel a bit ‘silly’ for my ‘fear’ of pugs. After all, why does the opinion of people I don’t actually KNOW in my day-to-day life matter. Why not just give in, try to make some new friends, and explore some new zones. What is the WORST that can happen, aside from it going wrong in every way imaginable, and then just not doing the zone again (or at least not doing it with those people).

Here’s to breaking out of my shell a bit!

3 Responses to Getting Over a Fear of Pugs

  1. Murf says:

    I know how you feel though not with MMOs. I started those early enough in my life that I and my social anxieties grew up around them.

    Other games weren’t so lucky. I have to work up the encourage to start matchmaking in Halo, for example, or any other multiplayer game. I get better the more I play a single game, but it always floods back to me with newer ones.

    It’s really annoying!

  2. Isey says:

    The last 4 years of my MMO gaming has been pugalicious. I play scattered hours and sadly, often guildless. PUGS have saved gaming for me. At least for a short while.

    Go in with the right attitude and enough knowledge and its actually pretty fun – especially because of the cooks and crazies you meet =)

  3. Chris says:

    Gratz! I have had the same experience. It’s like the full moon: there’s no correlation between a full moon and crazy stuff happening, but when crazy stuff DOES happen during a full moon, we remember it because we’re constantly told that the full moon brings out the crazy.

    A few horrible anecdotes, or one bad experience, is sometimes enough to get us to swear off PUGs, but last time I was really into WoW, I PUGed dungeons a lot, and it was really enjoyable!

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