Finally, Something to do with my Spare Currency!


I decided with only a few days left of Tinkerfest, I should learn tinkering on my swashbuckler. I already have the skill on a few characters, but not my current main. Headed to butcherblock, my recipe vendor of choice, and there in a tent I spotted a new NPC I had not seen before. I have no idea when he was added, but the gnome Barnaby Blunderbuss had the title <Master of Coins and Contraptions> under his name. Opening up the window revealed that he was a token exchange NPC. Basically you can turn in any of the old tokens that you collect in-game over the years for an adornment or tinkering component instead. Since both of those crafts tend to take a lot of pieces (especially adorning) I was incredibly happy to see this NPC.

It meant that finally after stockpiling useless currency in my currency tab for years, I was able to do something with it all. I quickly exchanged it all (over 5,000 bits..) and began working on adorning.

I have always disliked the fact that each expansion or event came with its own useless currency, that would collect dust once I had moved on. This NPC was the perfect solution to my cluttered bags and tokens that stared at me grudgingly.

I also managed to complete a bunch of Tinkerfest quests, and got a brand new outfit for my swashbuckler, but I’ll save those for tomorrow. Weekends are always a bit more difficult for me to write because there are so many other chores I need to get done (I work all weekend) but I’m pleased that so far I’ve managed to participate in every day of Blaugust. Here’s to day 10 and counting!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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