I Might be in Love with Tropico

2014-08-10_00001I love steam. I love that I can make wishlists, and that I can see those of my friends. I have taken to randomly giving out steam gifts when I see that someone is having a bad day. It makes me smile, and it’s just something I like to do. If you’re looking to add me, please feel free. I’m there as Stargrace (big surprise).

Anyway, I recently won a steam copy of Tropico 4. Why I had never played this game before, I have no idea. A few friends of mine suggested that this game would be perfect for me, since I love games like Civilization, Sims, Sim City, and Banished. After 3 hours of playing, I have to agree. When I first started the game I decided I wasn’t going to bother with tutorials. That was a mistake. I quickly failed anything I tried to do after that, didn’t know the commands to do what I wanted the game to do, and so I went back and played through the (very lengthy) tutorials. They come in handy.

I then proceeded to play through my first campaign. It starts out really simple, you have to worry about a few rebels but no one is coming to invade you. You’re given a “city” to start out with (I use the term loosely) and you’re tasked with bettering it. I started out by swapping my farms over to corn so that my people could get some food. Built them a hospital, some fishing warfs, and before I knew it my little city had blossomed into a 200 population town. There were police stations to keep down the crime, and then the environmentalists started in on me. They were a thorn in my side. I built them some rehabilitation plants along with some strategically placed fountains and trees to block the dump. That seemed to appease them.

Finally it was election time. I was granted a lot of money to bribe make as many quality of life changes as I could in a pretty short time, and then see how the election went.

I won, of course. A generous leader! I had 157 votes, while my competition only had 43. I noticed Tropico 5 is out right now, but I don’t really have the funds to pick it up, so I’m going to wait for a steam sale (maybe the Christmas one). In the mean time, I’m certainly hooked.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. Ranni says:

    Mike gave me the first Tropico game as an anniversary present years ago (when it first came out) and I’ve been hooked on the series since! Love ruling my own island!

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