Divinity: Original Sin

2014-08-14_00004Playing through some of my steam games, I turned back to Divinity: Original Sin. I started playing it when it released in multi-player, but of course it’s always hard to find extra time to play through all the games in my library. With the release of Fable, I was looking for an RPG to sink my teeth into in the meantime.

A tale of Orcs, Undead, and wild Sorcerers, you play two characters who are meant to save the world. Right now I’m playing through the story with Titan (warrior) and Jessica (enchanter) as they meander their way and open every single container that crosses their path.

That’s probably the main annoyance I have with the game. There are SO MANY containers, and of course if you’re a completionist or you’re just curious you’re going to want to open up every single one of them along the way. It takes a lot of time especially when many of them are empty.

I love the crafting. It’s simple (just drag and drop items on top of each other) but also really neat. Had some wheat, some water, made dough. Made fish dough. Made pizza. Because who doesn’t like pizza (well, to be honest, I don’t but whatever). So far I’m having lots of fun – though I do think I enjoy multi-player better. For now, I’m just enjoying the story.

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  1. Murf says:

    I am having a similar issue with The Last of Us Remastered right now. There’s lot of items to scavenge and plenty of space to find them, but I am so compelled to do so that it kind of gets in the way of the game.

    I like rewarding completionists and explorers, but there comes a point when your gameplay and environments are forcing dawdling-around on players to the detriment of the experience!

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