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Can you ever play too many games? I like to think not, but has anyone decided for themselves “hey, maybe I play too many games?” – I’m not talking devoting your entire life to gaming, but I mean pure number of games.

By some peoples standards, my steam library is tiny. I think I own 200 games or so now. I don’t own a console, but I have a handful of other games that are not on steam (Mostly MMOs). In any given week I probably rotate between 4 and 15 different games, playing each of them for a few hours here and there. Some times I can get on a game bender where I play just one game for weeks at a time until I’m so burnt out that I push it aside in disgust, only to lovingly pull it back out and start playing again a few weeks later. Actually most of my steam library follows this pattern.

So what about you, how many games at a time do you play? Do you stick to your guns and complete a game before moving on to the next one (those that have ‘endings’ at least) or do you dabble around in whatever catches your fancy?

Let me know in comments below!

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  1. I actually want to play MORE games but I find it very difficult. I tend to have 1-2 MMO’s that I play most of the time. Currently that is Wurm & ESO. Then I’ll throw in a single player game which right now is Tropico 5.

    But sometimes I just get pulled in by one game and I don’t finish others. I love the Elder scrolls games but I still haven’t finished any of them! I would love to be able to play 15 games a week but I find I just can’t spread myself that thinly!

  2. Telwyn says:

    I try to stick to a small number, and for years I’ve only been playing MMOs so that makes it easier as it drastically narrows the field.

    I usually have two or three on the go that I actively play. One as my main that I play with my partner and a second that he’s not interested in so I have something else to do if he’s too busy to play. Currently that’s Neverwinter and FFXIV but I feel the siren call of EQ2 now that SoE Live is here and that’s making it harder and harder to stick to just two!

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