The Wonders of Tropico 5

2014-08-16_00006After falling in love with Tropico 4, it was a great surprise when I was gifted Tropico 5 – and of course I love this version of the game just as much as the previous. It’s a bit more complex this time. I turned the settings down to the easiest ones but left disasters up because hey what’s the point without a little bit of adventure. I do prefer to play these types of games at a relaxed easy pace, and that’s exactly what I got.

I started by playing through campaigns again, and unlike the previous version this time I got to create a ruler who was head of her very own dynasty. Mid way through the first story line there was an illegitimate pregnancy that resulted in my dynasty growing a bit. The costumes are also much more amusing this round. I believe the head of my current dynasty is sporting a halo and wings along with a pacifier. The youngest member is garbed in steampunk clothing.

When I first started playing I was disgruntled with the fact that you can’t build everything you want right away. First you have to work your way through each ‘era’, like war and modern times. Despite these changes the basics are the same. Build up a city, watch it flourish or crash horribly. I’m having an absolute blast with the dynasty story line and the politics that happen. They along with the new trade and commerce options are hilarious. It’s also nice to be getting different ‘challenges’ now, the quests from 4 were repeating themselves quite frequently.

The first few campaigns had me starting on a new map, but now that I’m on the 3rd one, it has me back at my original city (exactly as I left it) which is pretty neat. In the screenshot above I was preparing my city before an invasion was about to hit. I may have over done it just a bit, their tanks didn’t last that long.

All in all, it was a great afternoon spent gaming. Congratulations to those by the way who managed to take advantage of the steam sale where Tropico 4 was only 39 cents.. I see they corrected the issue later on in the day, and I hope a few people made the purchase! As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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