What’s in store for EQ2

EQ2_000009SoE Live has come and gone for another year, and with it loads of announcements about their various games. Since Vanguard has now closed down, I was far less interested than previous years. It was like a constant reminder that my favourite game was gone. Ah well.

The next EverQuest 2 expansion is Altar of Malice. Eq2Wire has loads of information posted from SoE Live, so I’m going to go into incredible detail but I will mention the bits that interested me.

First, a new race is coming – but for those who thought this race would be included in the expansion, you would be wrong. They will be sold separately as a station cash purchase according to twitter comments. What is that race? Oh, well it’s the Aerakyn. Makes sense since the next expansion is going to focus around Lanys T’vyl.

Points that interested me

  • All access: Ability for members to use the broker anywhere in the game. Players with all access will also be able to receive mail from anywhere in the game. Some special spells and items may be limited to subscribers.
  • You’ll be able to sell shinies for status
  • New grandmaster spell upgrades, basically every spell will now have a grandmaster version. They’ll be researched and dropped (and I believe all access only).
  • They’re finally updating the deity system – yay!
  • Wardrobe system

The level cap is increasing to 100, and the expansion is due out November 11th (a holiday?) so in between now and then I’m working on getting a few more of my characters to 95/350 (the current cap) as well as crafting (though I already have all 9 crafters at 95). The event did also mention that crafters would be able to make some awesome gear in the expansion, so I’m looking forward to that.

What are you most looking forward to in Altar of Malice?

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