Alts – They’re How I Relax

EQ2_000010I love alts. When I’m not in the mood to do anything on a main character, or when I’m frustrated with progression, those are the characters I turn to. They don’t always make it to the end game, but quite a few of them do because I love playing them so much. The screenshot above is my 2nd account, and Blesse is my latest alt to make it to level 95, a monk. I used to have a monk on my main account but I ended up deleting it for one reason or another. Probably so I could create another alt.. that’s the problem with limited character slots.

Monks are great. They can run around zones and just feign off the aggro, they can go shiny harvesting without too many issues, and they’re just plain fun to watch. Of course it can also be frustrating to get a character up to level 95 because if you want to be any ‘good’ you have to do their epic and then invest in a bunch of expert / master quality spells which can get very expensive very fast – but they’re still a lot of fun.

So what characters am I sitting with at the moment? Well on my main account I have:

  • 95 defiler / 95 tailor
  • 95 shadowknight / 95 sage
  • 95 inquisitor / 95 jeweler
  • 95 dirge / 95 alchemist
  • 95 coercer / 95 carpenter
  • 95 illusionist / 95 provisioner
  • 95 swashbuckler / 95 weaponsmith
  • 91 ranger / 95 armorer
  • 91 warden / 95 woodworker

And on the second account I have:

  • 95 Beastlord
  • 95 Monk
  • 95 Paladin
  • 95 Fury
  • 48 Coercer
  • 33 Channeler
  • 50 Necromancer

None of the characters on my second account craft, but that may change in time, I haven’t decided yet. I enjoy having at least one of every crafter (these days I think many people do) and I like being able to do the weekly / daily quests on them (the crafting ones). Do I like it enough to do it THAT many times? Not yet.

Keep in mind these are characters that I have made and leveled up over the course of 10 years (7 years for the 2nd account) so they’re not something that I just dove in head first this year to create. I’m a bit better in other games, but in EQ2 at least I have always had a lot of alts. I find it so relaxing when I just don’t want to deal with anyone (it has been one of those weeks, what can I say).

As always, happy gaming, no  matter where you find yourself!

2 Responses to Alts – They’re How I Relax

  1. Vannin says:

    So EQ2 is where you’re hiding?

    Miss that character selection screen and my army of alts.

  2. pkudude99 says:

    That’s kinda funny that you’d post about alts today. I posted a little earlier over at Nomadic Gamers about how last night I went through a respec and crafting grind on a high-level character so that I could delete a low level crafting mule in order to delete it so I could make a new alt.

    As the cliche says — I don’t suffer alt-itis, I enjoy every minute of it!

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