Another Alt? Sure Why Not!


I love my swashbuckler but she’s not exactly great DPS when it comes to single target encounters. In a lot of dungeons the boss encounter is a single target you need to DPS against. That being said, tonight I decided why not try an assassin. I’ve never played one before (I know, with all of my alts that is hard to believe) and so I boosted one with station cash to 85, and then took her through a few dungeons before calling it a night (I do have to work at midnight after all).

Level 89 later, I enjoy the class quite a bit, plus the heroic characters get some pretty neat looking armor (pictured above). I also dragged my paladin along for the fun, and she managed to reach 340 aa (the current cap is 350). The amount of experience it takes to get from 340-350 aa is quite insane. Right now only my swashbuckler has met that requirement.

I decided to 3 box it tonight. I was playing a berserker, my paladin, and the assassin. Granted one of the three didn’t actually DO much (it’s hard to swap between all the accounts, I only have two monitors) but I didn’t do too bad. It was nice to be able to use the 3rd account as the main tank so that it didn’t matter what two other characters I played. Normally I have to play a tank / something else combination because my squishy characters can’t really hold their own. So it ends up being my shadowknight or my paladin combined with whatever I feel like working on. With the berserker I have a bit more freedom. I know, the last thing I needed was yet another alt, but eh, why not.

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  1. Jeff R. says:

    With the ability to boost with Station Cash, it’s hard to resist doing things like this (as long as you have the cash).

    I’m a bit upset I missed my chance to use the free boost that Sony gave when they launched the Heroic Character system. I still have my Warden at level 35-ish, and he’s the character I first created when I started the game ~10 years ago. So sad…

    I wish EQ2 would grab me like I want it to.

  2. Gourdon says:

    My main is an assassin, and I occasionally multi-box, though I only use the second character as a passive buff bot. Dirge works quite well for this purpose. Assassins have a self heal proc through AAs on Sinister Strike, can get a heal from Touch of the Nightshade and an avoidance boost after Evade and Stealth. This all adds up to okay survivability, especially with an elite merc healer like Perrin. I am currently moloing Sentinel’s Fate raids and CoE heroic dungeons. Certainly, there are other people doing better, but assassins are not half bad at old content and fights don’t take an eternity. My EQ2U profile is linked in my name. You may or may not want to take a look to get some ideas on how to make a durable molo assassin.

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