Really Dang Excited

I know I have already talked a bit about upcoming games, but let me say again, I am so excited. Sims 4 is just days away, and following that, Fable Anniversary. I have been on a bit of a fable kick but unable to play it on my PC having missed out on the Fable 3 game before it was removed. I looked around for some other copies of it but didn’t have any luck. I do own it for the XBox 360, but since I don’t actually have that console system here with me (I left it behind when I moved) it makes it a bit difficult to play.

I have always been curious about the time that these games release, it seems like fall / early winter is a very popular time. Personally I’m the opposite, I would rather game in the summer when it’s too hot to go outside. Fall and winter I’m typically busy as those are my favourite times of the year. It’s not a bad thing by any means, but it does make the wallet hurt a bit. I suppose it’s important to get all of these games out before the Christmas rush.

I’m not sure what game I am most excited about. Sims 4, Fable Anniversary, WoD, or the EQ2 expansion. I think for now those are the only games on my radar, but I have no doubt that more will join the bunch. What about my dear readers, is there any one game out there in particular that you’re incredibly excited about releasing soon?

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  1. Fiona says:

    It’s normally that time in the year for Christmas (maybe?) but I am also very excited about the Sims 4 and Fable Anniversary! Too many games I want and not enough money

  2. Gourdon says:

    My plan was to get out of EQ2 and into a next generation game by now. However, Altar of Malice is looking quite compelling. If EQNext were to go into closed alpha/beta, I would be there ignoring EQ2. Landmark would be interesting if there were real continents and there were some Storybricks NPCs out in the world, but this seems extremely unlikely. Even my leading alternative, Archeage, is going to have a hard time beating Ssraeshza temple and Ganak, two of my favorites from EQ.

  3. pasmith says:

    For me it’s Destiny, Forza Horizon 2 and the ongoing build-out of Landmark.

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