As if it wasn’t Monday Enough..

Screenshot-50See that black rock over by my pond that’s frozen over as a skating rink in the sims 3? It’s a giant meteor that fell from the sky, and landed in my families back yard. See that giant ball of flame on the far left hand side? That.. is my family dog.

It was as though the universe was trying to tell me “Hey look, it’s Monday. Have another reason not to like Monday’s.” – it’s also probably the funniest thing I have ever seen in game. My legacy sim (Jessica Little) was out minding her own business, skating around the pond when she looked up to the sky and BAM a giant rock fell and landed on Mr. Boots Little.

I spent the entire afternoon playing Sims 3 once my chores were done (remember, I work night shift) and it was a blast. I revamped the entire legacy house a few times (keeping on the same lot, of course) and the family is doing well. Little Tristan is a youth now, Daisy was given up for adoption (that’s the horse) and Lilia the kitty is aging gracefully though I still find her in the toilet. Often.


Although the family lost Mr. Boots, they did gain a giant meteor that sold for $27,000 and that greatly improved the quality of life for the Little family. Tristan was able to grow up in a nurturing household, and M.D. Little has aged to elder and should be kicking off any day now. Not that I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that, of course not, it would be cruel.

I’m hoping to get a few more generations of my legacy family all grown up before Sims 4 comes out and I lose all interest (I doubt I’ll lose ALL interest, after all I have so many expansions and addons for Sims 3..) but we’ll just have to see how it goes. All in all, it was a lovely break away from ‘real’ people, and I’m continuously surprised by the little details that I have still never seen each time I play (like that meteor.. never seen that before in any of my games).

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. Ranni says:

    I’ll cross my fingers for ya. :P I sometimes may be prone to an excited holler or two when certain sims finally die.

    I didn’t know meteors could fall like that OR catch people/pets on fire. Sims games are crazy! Makes them fun.

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