Unlocking Sims 4 Rewards


I continue to play my legacy family in the Sims 3, despite the fact that the family has lost their dog (and I placed their horse up for adoption). Tristan is growing up happy and healthy, and because of a great upbringing he has managed to earn himself the good, genius, and computer whiz traits. Even though he’s still a youth I sent him off to learn about inventing, and I think he may even go to university at this rate.

Of course his father, M.D. Little, may not live to see him get that far in life if the screenshot above is any indication. He has taken a liking to playing with fire, while the maid runs in to save him from the flames.

I saw on a Sims 3 banner that you can unlock rewards in Sims 4 based on the expansions you own in Sims 3. Pretty awesome and of course I had to look into it and see what I qualified for. I am so very excited about Sims 4. That’s probably why I have been spending so much time in Sims 3 lately. I’m hoping they have enough generic content from the get-go to keep me interested, it has been ages since I’ve played a ‘basic’ sims game without all of the expansions, and I’m wondering how much I will miss things like pets and vacations. I suppose we’ll just have to see!

The Ultimate
Freezer Bunny Award
Your adventures in The Sims 3 have earned you the grandest of all reward statues: Llama, the Freezer Bunny, and Plumbob. Who could ask for more?

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