Counting Down Till Sims 4

The-Sims-4-House-DuskAs we get closer and closer to September 2nd I get more excited. I’ve been watching some videos for the game which have included a bunch of Let’s Play created by the Sims team and they are just awesome. The game includes classic cheats like #motherlode to grant your family more money and while I haven’t played with cheats in Sims 3 for quite some time (legacy family rules discourage it) I might look into it for Sims 4 so that I can play with all the pretty bits and bobs. I can’t wait to see what everyone creates, and what sort of houses will be out there. I’m also excited to see how Sims interact and what their stories will be like.

It has been a little while since I’ve gotten this excited about a game coming out, and I know, there are lots of people who say hype is a bad thing and that we should refrain from building up our expectations – but honestly, I say build up the hype. Get excited. Smile, laugh, and giggle.

Have you been planing out what you’re going to create? Have any ideas on what sort of house you want to see your Sims living in? I think my first house will be a country-esc type house, maybe with a wide porch. Side note as I’m watching this video, you can add foundation after the fact, and I am so excited about that. I love that there are different heights for the walls, that not everything is a square, and a LOT of other awesome things that are built into the tools (this is from the video that’s linked above, it was released two days ago).

Have I mentioned I’m excited? Just once or twice? Well, I am. SO EXCITED.

Bring on the Sims 4..

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  1. Marz says:

    YAY! I’m a bit late to the Sims party, but I’ve enjoyed Sims 3 this summer and can’t wait until Sims 4. I have created a number of Sims in the Create-A-Sim demo so I’m all ready for launch day now.

    I’m mostly a Legacy player, but I expect my first few hours will just be working through the tutorial pop-ups and learning about the new features of this version before I start up a Legacy challenge. I’m sure it will take a few days before Pinstar gets the full rule set up anyway.

    I do hope that Sims 4 pushes me out into the world more often. I find that once I have my founder set up, I spend most of my time just staring at my home lot.

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