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Since most of my time in EverQuest 2 is spent boxing two accounts, one of the things I tend to do is try to come up with combinations of characters to play together. Some combinations work better than others and of course now that there are mercenaries in game the combinations are much more flexible than they once were. My main ‘go to’ combination has been my swashbuckler (main account) and fury (boxed account). I some times alternate with the shadowknight from my main account, but my swashbuckler (for the most part) is able to do just fine.

I also have a tank (or two) on the second account so that I can play it alongside a healer from my main account. I haven’t done that in a while, but my typical combinations include the paladin (boxed account) with my defiler (main account). Then I also have a bunch of support classes for when I want to play with friends and we already have a healer / tank. Again, since there are mercenaries these days it doesn’t really matter WHAT people are playing, but I like to have a healthy selection available.

I still have two characters who are not 95 on my main account (they include a warden and a ranger) so I may work on getting them there before the expansion comes out in November. I’m not exactly in a rush, but it’s nice to feel ‘completed’. I do also have a handful of characters that could use some love on the boxed account, but like most alts, they’re not a priority.

If you box what combination of characters do you usually use? Is it because you’re most comfortable playing those classes or because you think they work well together or perhaps some other reason? I always love hearing back from people who box, I know there used to be quite a few of us but I think with the release of mercenary that number may have dwindled some.

In any case, let me know in comments! As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself.

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