And Then there were Two

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Chewy is great, the guinea pig I adopted yesterday – but they really should be in pairs for optimal guinea pig happiness. These are herd animals, and they’re used to having one of their own kind to get along with. Then comes along Mog, my second guinea pig. They’re getting along pretty well so far, talking away in their cage together and making all sorts of guinea pig noises (Chewy wasn’t making any sounds at all when I first brought her home) and I assume they’re being happy after listening through some “what sound is this” clips.

On the gaming front, I pre-loaded the Sims 4 and I’m all set and ready to play! I can’t wait. O.K. technically I can wait because I have no other choice, but I’m really dang excited. I can’t help it, the game looks amazing from all of the developer ‘lets play’ videos I have seen so far. I have been contemplating picking up a console system as well, I would probably go with a PS4 but I’m not completely sold on the idea yet, especially with so many PC games coming out that I know I am going to fall in love with. Still, it would be nice. I have also been looking at the Nvidia Shield tablet, which I think would get a lot of use here at my place.

I haven’t been doing a lot of gaming this weekend, but I’ve been thinking about doing a lot of gaming, and I suppose that’s alright too! As always, happy gaming!

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