MStar Online

ScreenShots_ 2014-08-31 17-55-42-797One of my latest game fascinations is a game called ‘Mstar Online‘ – it’s basically Dance Dance Revolution for your keyboard. It’s a free to play game from Garena, and it’s all sorts of fun. Basically you have to download their chat client from the link above, switch the client to Singapore, and then you should be able to play (after a lengthy download, some patching, and dancing on one foot). The music is catchy, and dancing isn’t all you can do.

There’s player housing, gardening, outfits to plan, daily quests, and a bunch of things that I haven’t even figured out yet, something about couples. There are multiple types of dance rooms that you can queue for, and ranks of skill. I have been playing in the beginner rooms but I can go up to the second rank and at least know I’ll be able to hit a few of the right keys. The third rank (advanced) is so far beyond me it’s not even funny. I have no idea how anyone manages to play on that rank because the steps you have to follow along with are just a blur of images to me.

You can play by yourself but you’ll earn less points that way and after your beginner buff falls off you won’t earn any points at all but you’ll be in ‘training mode’. The idea is to play against (or with) other players, and earn points that way. Of course the less mistakes you make, the better.

Why am I so taken with this game? I’m honestly not sure, but it is incredibly fun and of course that means I had to share.

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