What Happened Next?!

09-04-14_12-24 PMI made it to August 31st and posted every single day – and then something happened, and I stopped. Since I moved to BC my PC has been giving me issues. Nothing big, just the odd program not working here and there (microsoft outlook, for one). Problem was that the program that wasn’t working ended up being The Sims 4. One of my most anticipated games for the year. I was pretty heart broken. I got the game to run just fine on my laptop and another computer in the house, but no matter what I tried, it simply wouldn’t run on my main desktop. I tried pretty much everything. I re-installed windows (three times), re-installed Origin, The Sims 4, disabled all firewalls and anti-virus programs. I swapped out the ram, I swapped out my video card, you name it and I tried it.

After attempting almost every possible solution I could, and even talking to an actual person at EA (I know, they exist!) I decided that the last thing it could possibly maybe be, was an issue with my aged first generation i7. In other words it was time to replace my motherboard and processor. There hasn’t been a BIOS update available since 2010, and lets face it, it was time.

So I ordered the components from Newegg.ca, they arrived the next day (I love their prices and prompt service) and after a few stressful hours (I have a watercooler that needed installing too) I was faced with a new PC. It was time for the moment of truth. After ALL of this, would The Sims 4 finally run? One thing that I really liked was that I didn’t need to re-install windows when I added the new components. I had to activate it again, but aside from installing new motherboard drivers, it ran perfectly fine.

I swear I held my breath while I loaded the game.

IT WORKED! Finally, days after launch, I was able to get in-game. Everything runs like a dream. I wouldn’t suggest if a game doesn’t work that people should run out and purchase upgrades but in my case it worked. I honestly did attempt every possible solution first (did clean boot, couldn’t launch it in safe mode, attempted cleaning my registry, etc etc, you name it, I did it). Now my computer is MUCH happier, which of course in turn makes ME much happier. So. Expect LOADS of Sims 4 stuff over the next little while. I know, the game is lacking some features, but I have been having a lot of fun playing with it so far, and I know it will only get better and gain more features as time goes on. Maybe I’m just using rose coloured glasses, but oh well.

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