How Does your Garden Grow


The situation with queues has been pretty bad this weekend, I don’t think anyone will deny it. Even as a patron, I had a 3 hour queue on Thursday night, as well as Friday afternoon. By the early morning hours the queue nudges down to an hour or so on the weekend. During the weekdays I’m not seeing much of a queue. This is after two more new servers were added. I know Trion is probably reluctant to add new servers, after all ArcheAge is at its core a PVP game and people don’t want to PVP on empty servers (let WildStar fans tell you about that) but you have to make a decision, what is worse. Losing players now because they can’t even log in to play and / or spend money on your game, or losing players later.

In any case, I did manage to get past the queue monster a few times and play. My paladin is now level 28, and I decided to completely respec my cleric to a daggerspell. I also finished building my first house. It was a mixture of purchasing goods and those that I had farmed. I needed to buy 50 of the wood component and 50 of the stone, which cost me about 30g or so. I debated whether or not I wanted to build the house or just hang onto it or sell the plot, and in the end decided that building it would be best. I’m glad I did, because I learned a few things. Number one, you can plant along the perimeter of your house. This includes before the structure is built, but the space at that time is quite small. Once the house is completed you’ll have a lot more room to plant some goodies. I also purchased a mailbox, and made it a recall point.

I’ve been learning to manage my farm space much better. You can probably fit more than you think on it, and of course it’s best to take advantage of that space. In my farm pictured above I have 4 yew trees, 4 potato, and 4 strawberry bushes all growing in an 8×8 farm (the small beginner one). A mixture of items and figuring out what placements work best so you can get the maximum return is ideal. I’m contemplating taking the house down once I get my 16×16 farm, but I haven’t decided yet. The chances that I’ll make it over to the PVP area in one piece are pretty slim. Aside from the queues, I’m having a great time

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  1. ellie says:

    (Y)ou can plant along the perimeter of your house. This includes before the structure is built, but the space at that time is quite small.

    One watchout is that if you plant along the perimeter before your house is built, whatever you’ve planted is unprotected and can be uprooted/harvested by anyone. They’ll receive crime points ofc, but anything there is free game until the building’s complete!

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