Time for Trade Packs

ScreenShot0072In ArcheAge the economy is mostly player driven. People who like to kill mobs but don’t like to craft can put their goods up on the broker and those who adore crafting will scoop them up and create items with them and put them back on the broker. Or maybe you like to craft, and don’t like to adventure, so you buy items off of the broker that require adventuring to obtain, and then you craft those and put them back up on the broker after to sell. Or maybe you enjoy both. Whatever your preference, there’s something to do. One of the main money makers in-game is to create and deliver trade packs. The amount of coin you earn back varies depending on the zone you deliver the packs to. Each zone has a specialty pack that you can create and drop off at a Blue Salt NPC in a neighbouring town (you can’t drop it off where it was created). The less supplies that are being dropped off to that NPC, the better. Of course more dangerous zones are worth more money. I wasn’t interested in delving into PvP territory or pirate land, so I decided to craft from Marianople (cloth), and then deliver it to Cinderstone Moore during their peace time which lasted for an hour. Walking with a donkey took me approximately 12 minutes to complete the rout, with a few minutes to spare waiting for gate to pop back up. Then I repeated this a few times.

Each pack I turned in netted me 5g and some change, which I’ll get tomorrow morning after 22 hours has passed. Once Cinderstone turned into a War zone (ie: PvP) I decided to drop off a few packs in Solzreed Peninsula but the reward wasn’t quite as good (it’s not a PvP zone). In the mean time I’m hoping Sanddeep turns to war (and then peace time) so that I can drop off a few packs that way too. It’s brainless and time consuming, but a good way to make some coin for future adventures and gear.

Plus the view is just absolutely amazing.

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