Crafting Gear, and Adventure Time

ScreenShot0127I decided to splurge, and made myself a set of level 30 plate armor, along with a new shield and weapon. Crafting is expensive – unless you farm everything yourself, and if you farm everything yourself, it’s lengthy. I rarely have labor since I use it all for crafting, and I now see why people tend to focus on just one craft at a time.

Unfortunately I have never been good at that.

Blesse, my main, is almost level 38. I had my first taste of PVP zones, as my quests took me to Cindermoor. Despite the fact that it was war time I only had one incident, and that was from a same faction player who decided to bloodlust on me. I’m not much of an opponent when compared to a level 50 player, and I was in combat with mobs at the time as well, so I doubt they got that much satisfaction from the ordeal. I didn’t let it deter me though, I went on my way and continued to quest once reviving at the statue.

I’d like to reach level 40 (and of course 50) within the next few days, but I have a pretty bad cold, so we’ll see how that goes. I keep hunting for a thunderstruck tree, but haven’t had any luck. I think I’m going to save mine for a future project instead of trying to get a farm tractor.

Property wise I am doing alright with 1 small house, 1 16×16 farm and 1 8×8 farm. I would love to own a larger home at some point, but I’m not going to hold my breath, and I’m content with my current set up. What I need to do (again, I have mentioned this before) is focus my efforts. So far that is easier said than done, at least for me.

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  1. pasmith says:

    I’m still working on house #1.

    I have two small scarecrow farms now (and 2 characters). Progress is being made, but slowly!

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