No House? No Problem.

ScreenShot0141Even a few weeks into the game, on Naima (my server of choice) finding 16×16 plots, or larger, is still difficult. That being said, I have spotted a LOT of 8×8 plots, so I imagine that with time and a bit of luck, maybe the larger ones will open up.

In the meantime all is not lost! I decided to give up the hunt for a 16×16 plot for a while, and found a solution that works great. I decided since my alt is a tailor, and I’m constantly running to machines / mailboxes, I would buy a design for a private loom (your alts can also access it). The design was 30 gold, so I used cash instead of gilda, as I’m still saving those up for a future project. The materials to build this were far cheaper than what I would have needed for a house, requiring only 1 fabric pack and one stone pack. Done and done. The best part? You can place housing items on these lots. Behind my loom is a storage chest (you can have two of them), and a mailbox out front. With my farm close by, there’s no real need to have a 16×16 house taking up real-estate. The only down side is the fact that these small gazebo-esc homes don’t come equipped with a fireplace to port ‘home’ to, so you may want to build relatively close to one or have a friend close by who has a fire you can create the port to.

Plus they just look really neat.


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  1. stargrace

    It takes two weeks, you can’t get the tax mail when you’re not a patron. So one week of overdue rent + one week of destruction warning.

  2. Out of curiosity, how quickly will land spots open up if the owner lets their patron subscription lapse, do you know?

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