Endless Legend

2014-10-12_00002Endless Legend is a beautiful turn based fantasy strategy game that I was lucky enough to be gifted not too long ago. It’s a lot like civilization – if it were on drugs. There’s so much involved in growing and expanding your culture that I doubt I can even explain it all. The tutorial does a great job of explaining what there is to do, and so far that’s all I have been playing through (on the easiest mod, too. I’m trying to get used to the controls). You get quests like you do in Tropico, deal in politics, research, exploration, conquering lands and all the rest.

What really impressed me though (and I know, it’s shallow) is the graphics. The map is just astounding. I think I could spend hours zoomed in on different sections trying to figure it all out. Like all games of this type you really need to sink a good amount of time into it before you start making decent progress. I’m up to three outposts now with a handful of smaller villages. I’ve pacified any outsiders that were in the area, and done battle with some serpent like creatures as well as a race of rock people. I don’t think they liked me moving in on their territory, but c’est la vie.

4 Responses to Endless Legend

  1. Jeromai says:

    Really, a successor to Master of Magic? Dang, there’s another game going on my wishlist, to be bought and played… Soon(TM)

  2. Jeff R. says:

    I’ve heard this is a spiritual successor to the old Master of Magic game. If that’s true I’m in a lot of trouble…

  3. stargrace says:

    Oh I almost forgot about parlay! I did fold one of them into my empire by doing their quest, I had to rescue someone who was kidnapped, it was awesome.

  4. Chris says:

    You can MAKE THEM LIKE IT by parlaying with them and doing their quest, then folding them into your empire to get access to their army units!

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