Decorating? Really?


There’s a reason I love sandbox gaming, and it is all about the creativity and relaxation I find in creating. This weekend I learned a little bit more about the mods that are currently active on the minecraft server I’m playing on. There are 184 of them. That’s a lot of mods. Not all of them will affect me in game, but I’m slowly learning those that do. Some are still too complex and I have no idea what I’m doing but I’ll get there.

The ones I worked with this weekend were BibloCraft which is quickly becoming a favourite of mine because of the flavour it adds to the game, along with Chisel which also adds some incredible customization. Finally I also started exploring Forestry, which adds things like bee keeping. In the end I ended up “doing” very little in game, but I did get a pretty good grasp on the numerous ways I can customize my place, which I am completely tickled about as you can tell by the screenshot above. I created the tablecloth for the table, along with the chair, a backing for the chair, and then dyed it to match the rest of the room. I also used carpenter’s blocks to create a facade around my entrance, and then used chisel to turn the stones into some pretty decorative pieces. After all that was done I decided my house needed the beginnings of a map, and started the first one along with some potion racks (empty for now), and armour racks for flair.

My home may not be running on power, and I don’t have any automatic farming gizmos or industrial do-dads set up, but it suits me as I slowly learn my way through all of these awesome mods. Eventually I would love to create a better farm, both for crops and animals, and have them automated. It’s nice to automate the ‘mundane’ aspects of the game (farming for supplies, in other words) so that you can spend your time doing the “fun” things.

Speaking of fun, I want to get out and do more exploring too. So far I have spent most of my time in the winter biome that surrounds my home (fitting for a canuck, no?) but there’s some forest close by and some other fun places that I have been itching to do some adventuring in. So long as I stay away from the lava. A work mate went out yesterday and apparently got herself lost in some lava. Needless to say it didn’t end up too well.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. Paul says:

    @Pasmith Light will keep them from spawning in that area but it doesn’t stop them from coming from outside the lighted zone into it :)

  2. pasmith says:

    @Paul Aha! Thanks! I am in the habit of putting a bunch of lights right outside my front door so I can find it more easily and because for some reason in ‘vanilla minecraft’ I had it in my head that light would keep zombies away (or maybe just prevent them from spawning right there…I don’t even remember why, it’s just habit!).

    I might turn off that mod, or at least light source awareness.

  3. Paul says:

    We turned off Zombie Awareness on our server, was way too crazy.

    Zombie Awareness by – Smarter more aware zombies (and skeletons), they track you down via blood scent, sound, and light source awareness, config lets you pick and choose what features to have.

  4. stargrace says:

    When I first started, my night consisted as every beginner Minecraft night does, I dug a hole in the ground and hid until daylight. LOL. Remember sleeping in a bed will turn it to day light, so that’s always handy. I basically started hiding in my mine at night, and only exploring during day time hours, and I constantly drag a bed around with me every place I go (keep in mind, beds change your spawn point).

  5. pasmith says:

    Based on your stories I’ve started playing this mod-pack too and wow, am I ever overwhelmed! I’m still at the ‘build a base’ phase. When it gets dark and those packs of zombies and worse start beating on the doors and walls it can really get tense!

    I did make a pattern table but I’m not sure what to do with that. And I found something (limestone) that was tagged “chisel” and had no idea what that meant but I guess now I know!

    I think this’ll keep me busy for a while!

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