Do You Want to Kill a Dragon?


When Paul asked if I wanted to go kill Ender Dragon along with Joel and DD of course I said yes! I had never seen a dragon in Minecraft before and this would be a one time server event, so I was incredibly excited. We set out in the form of blaze so that we could fly (and have lava immunity) and after a short walk through some dungeons and portals we were facing the dragon.

DD took care of the healing crystals with her bow (the rest of us forgot to bring one, doh) while the rest of us chased the dragon and attacked it. We made short work of the dragon and for once no one died (yay). It was awesome. A few purple explosions lit up the sky once the dragon was slain and experience dropped to the ground around the fountain that spawned (along with a dragon egg).

Events like these always make me smile, especially if I can go along with friends.

With the dragon dead, we had an 8 minute cut scene to enjoy and then were ported back to our homes. I haven’t decided what I’m doing next with mine but I think it involves replacing the entire stone building I created with decorative blocks, and building up a proper farm (both animal and crops). I also want to expand my mine – there are all sorts of tunnels under my castle that I blocked off for now until I had some time to explore them.

All in all, it was a pretty productive time in game! Can’t wait to see where my adventures lead me next.

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