Organization? Everywhere


In my day-to-day life, I am one of those people who like to organize everything. I openly admit, I love to clean. I love lists. I have notebooks and post it notes and calendars and organizers all over the place. This carries over into my gaming habits quite easily. I constantly clean out my inventory, arrange my bank space, and organize containers. Of course in a game like minecraft where there are just SO many things, it’s almost a dream come true.

I spent a good deal of time yesterday organizing things. Adding labels to containers, putting everything in its place. I know that may not seem very exciting, after all I wasn’t slaying creatures or exploring dungeons, but it gave me a strange sense of inner peace (on a day where I really needed it after the horrific events that unfolded in downtown Ottawa).

I’m still learning my way around mods. I think I want to learn some enchanting, and I certainly need to upgrade my tools – I have to make a tool forge, something I had been neglecting because I thought I needed 4 iron blocks. Iron is sacred as I seem to use it for everything. Turns out the blocks don’t have to be iron, I can use a number of metals including copper which I have in abundance. Once I have a tool forge created I’ll go looking for gold so that I can make more castings, and from there, more tools.

Exciting times!

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