Typical Deed Work


My deed in Wurm Online is coming along nicely. I managed to finish the stables and terraform a good portion of the upper tier, the last part of the deed that is still pretty much mountainside. The latest patches brought about an influx of animals to the Xanadu server as they continue to search for the “perfect balance” and I’ve started noticing a good number wandering around my place, which is nice because when I first moved in there were no animals around at all and I had to wander quite a bit to find any. Lately this includes seals, like the one pictured above. I’m not really sure if these new creatures can be used for anything but they’re non-aggro and adorable to watch.

With the stables done I have been thinking about what project I would like to work on next. The Vynora priest is still doing well. On that character I have been leveling up the typical priest skills (nature and the like) as well as channeling. Animal husbandry just finally reached 30 today, allowing me to care for one more animal and see more traits. Horse breeding is going well, as is sheep and cow. Cooking is already at 70 so for the time being I’m not leveling it up.

I’ve been working on fine carpentry along with weapon smithing on my main, tied in with some chain armour smithing. All of these skills seem to level very slow, so I can only handle them in short spurts before moving on to something else. Wurm Online is not for the faint of heart, it can take years to get skills to the cap of 100 (minus things like alignment, that doesn’t really count). Still, I find the game relaxing and fun and I’m enjoying working on my deed. There’s so much to do, I suppose the real challenge is narrowing it down.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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